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Kumyang Green Power Co., Ltd. that leads a sustainable future with green energy


Green electricity that changes a whole new world of national industries

Kumyang Green Power Co., Ltd. which has been growing into a sustainable company through our constant

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Sustainable investment

Abundant know-hows accumulated from winning orders for various new and renewable energy projects

Green electricity that changes a whole new world of national industries

  • Offshore
    Wind Power
    Ever-lasting and next-generation new and renewable energy
  • Onshore
    WInd Power
    The core of green energy for the upcoming future
  • Solar Power The infinite source of clean energy to achieve zero carbon
  • Fuel Cell A clean energy source for the earth and humanity that take the environment seriously


Global Network

We aim to grow into a global leader who will lead the future energy industry by seeking to strengthen global competitiveness.


Global Green Energy Total Solutions Provider

New and renewable energy development project
Full line-up of new and renewable energy
Winning orders for new and renewable energy
Diversified portfolio through vertical and horizontal extension
Winning orders for global plants
Global overseas networks and many years of performance references
Operation & maintenance
Expansion of operation & maintenance to nuclear power and new and renewable energy


Kumyang Green Power Co.,Ltd., a green new deal in which we think about the environment through new and renewable energy



We are looking for talented people who will be involved in eco-friendly energy to change the world.

A company where employees feel happy while contributing to the development of the world with the best techology

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