Kumyang Green Power Co., Ltd. which is developing into a sustainable company through constant innovation and challenge

Welfare Benefits

We continue to think about and create ways to help our employees and their families live a better life.

Scholarships (for university students)
Scholarships only for university students of manager-level employees who have worked for more than one year
Accommodations for employees residing in other regions far from their home
Recreational facilities
Supporting employees to enjoy their comfortable leisure life by providing them with opportunities to use recreational facilities (SONO HOTELS & RESORTS, etc.)
Family events
Providing expenses and vacations for congratulations and condolences such as marriage, birth, death, etc.
Gifts to employees on New Year's Day, Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day), etc.
Rewards for excellent employees
Rewarding excellent employees every year
Rewards for long-term services and the sabbatical month
30 days vacation for employees who have 5 years or more service
24k pure gold (3.75g) for employees who have 10 years or more service
Europe trip and 10 days vacation for employees who have 20 years or more service
10 million won in cash and 10 days vacation for employees who have 30 years or more service
Mounting climbing, marathon, and spring/autumn picnics
Providing opportunities for employees to promote good fellowship with each other through annual events to be held every year